Meeting in Bristol

We had a great meeting in Bristol on Nov 17-22, 2019. The main ingredients were a workshop on Entrepreneurship, and another one on ethics in research.

Bristol Business School (BBS) academic team (Svetlana Cicmil, Basil Omar, John Manley) ran a range of interactive sessions and workshops on “Life Beyond your PhD”, “Collaboration and Teamwork in Complex Multidisciplinary Projects” and “Becoming an Entrepreneur” (including topics such as preparing a business case, understanding the role of marketing, making a pitch to potential investors). The ESRs then worked in small groups to a specific practical project brief and prepared a presentation that was delivered and assessed by a panel on Wednesday November 20th.

On Nov 20, Alan Winfield gave an invited talk on robot ethics.

During the ethics workshop, all participants discussed how to expand the ethical dimension in research projects such as SOCRATES.

On Thursday Nov 21,  “Safe Robotics” was presented by Chris Harper, and Dr Nancy Zook, talked about “Physiological measures and emotion”.

“Becoming an Entrepreneur” workshop lead by Basil Omar and Svetlana Cicmil (BBS).

Happy also after the workshop!

Including coordinator/photographer