Administrative Deliverables


# Management, Training, Recruitment and Dissemination Deliverables WP Lead  Type Diss Date
D7.1 SOCRATES Website, and social media accounts on line 7 UMU ADM PU M2
D1.1 Completion of recruitment of researchers as per Table 1.2a 1 ALL ADM PU M7
D1.2-5 Administrative activity report 1 UMU R CO M13, 26, 38, 50
D1.6-9 Periodic / progress reports 1 UMU R CO M13, 21, 26, 38, 50
D7.2-5 Activity reports 7 UMU R CO M13, 26, 38, 50
D7.6 Report on potential exploitation of SOCRATES outcome 7 FHG R PU M50
D1.10 Awarded PhD degrees for ESRs after completed PhD education 1 ALL ADM PU M55

PU: Public level  CO: Consortium level