August 25, 2016

Scientific Deliverables

# Title Lead Date
D2.1 Deep neural model for recognition of emotional state using visual upper-body … HAM M23
D2.2 Deep neural model for recognition of emotional states using auditory input HAM M23
D2.3 Model for recognition of emotional states from gait BGU M23
D3.1 Algorithms for inference of intention and action from speech UMU M23
D3.2 Algorithms for inference of intention from vision FHG M23
D3.3 Report on user study with older adults violations of social dialogue norms UMU M23
D4.1 Implementation of system for sliding autonomy ORU M23
D4.2 Multimodal interaction framework architecture CSIC M23
D4.3 Algorithms that make it possible to tune the robot for individual users CSIC M23
D5.1 Report from user studies on different interface designs and modalities BGU M23
D5.2 Report on adaptive hardware design FHG M23
D5.3 Report on safety study with older adult users interacting with a robot for an … UWE M23
D6.1 Report on user study on how telepresence systems with adjustable autonomy … ORU M23
D6.2 Report on user study on social acceptability and deception UWE M23
D6.3 Report on a methodology for conducting longitudinal ethnographic studies … BGU M23
D2.4 Report on emotional state recognition using visual and auditory input with … HAM M32
D2.5 Report on emotion generation on a TIAGo robot HAM M32
D3.4 Report on inference of intention from vision fused with speech FHG M32
D3.5 Algorithms for dialogue management UMU M32
D4.4 Report on how non-verbal cues can be used for sliding autonomy ORU M32
D4.5 Adaption algorithm based on user and robot behaviour modelling CSIC M32
D4.6 Algorithms for automatic tuning of parameters to fit individual users CSIC M32
D5.4 Report on how an interface should be designed to deal with varying … BGU M32
D5.5 Report on the effect of hardware design on Interaction Quality FHG M32
D5.6 Safety guidelines for interactions in the context of older adults’ care environments UWE M32
D6.4 Quantitative measures to support existing qualitative evaluation tools ORU M32
D6.5 Report on ethical concerns in close interaction systems UWE M32
D6.6 Report on how Interaction Quality and levels of autonomy affect user experience BGU M32
D2.7 Report on multi-modal recognition of emotional states HAM M40
D3.6 Report on user-tests of algorithms for inference of intention from … FHG M40
D4.7 Report on test and evaluation of user acceptance with older adults of a system … ORU M40
D4.8 Algorithms for adaption to changing user abilities using human-robot … CSIC M40
D4.9 Report on implementation and evaluation of personalisation algorithms on … CSIC M40
D5.7 Guidelines for interface design for varying levels of automation BGU M40
D5.8 Guidelines for hardware design FHG M40
D5.9 Development and implementation of a safety control architecture on a … UWE M40
D6.7 Algorithmic description and report on adjusting levels of autonomy in a … ORU M40
D6.8 Guidelines for ethical investigations and development UWE M40
D6.9 A toolbox based on users’ perceptions and experiences, with guidelines on … BGU M40