March 9, 2018

Maitreyee Tewari

Topic: Intention driven dialogue management (ESR 6)



‘The limits of a humans’ world is their language, where conversations can be used to understand the world of another person by negotiating their intentions.’ by Wittgenstine

Therefore, my research explores two specific components of conversations, understanding and intentions. Where, my assumptions entail that being able to model the way humans attempt to understand while in a dialogue and negotiate intentions with eachother can truly make a conversation between humans and machines similar to that between humans and humans.
Industry and academic experience: worked as a data analyst for a Fintech start-up in Seynse Technologies, Goa, India. I was also a Research fellow in Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi, India.
I have a Masters Degree in Computing Science and International Business from University of Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom.
A Bachelors of Technology in Information Technology from SSITM, Bhilai, India.
Apart from research I spend time listening to music, reading and practicing yoga.

Some of the publications are mentioned below: