August 25, 2016

Network-Wide Training Overview

brother-sister-traveling-2400pxThe network-wide activities comprise 6 meetings and 3 network-wide courses. These activities are organized at the premises of the SOCRATES partners, and the PhD students (ESRs) travel and meet at least twice a year.

In addition to these activities, all ESRs make secondments, i.e. shorter visits to other project partners. More about that under SECONDMENTS in the TRAINING menu above.

M1 refers to the starting month of SOCRATES, which is November 2016.

# Main training events & conferences Contents ECTS Lead Month
1 Workshop 1 Intro and Basic Researcher Tools Team building, introductions to the research 1 CSIC M12
2 Summer school Research Methods User-centred research, and Project mgmt. 1 BGU M18
3 Student Conference SOCRATES2018 All ESRs present their papers 1 UWE M24
4 Workshop 2 Robots for Older Adults State-of-the art, needs and possibilities 1 ORU M30
5 Workshop 3 Safe Robotics How to approach safety in social robotics 1 HAM M36
6 Workshop 4 Business Orientation Training Knowledge transfer, IPR, entrepreneurship 1 FHG M44
# Network-wide courses ECTS Lead Month
7 Student Conference Course Problem formulation, Scientific writing 6 UMU M18-M24
8 Business Plan Writing Course How to write business and exploitation plans 2 UWE M36-M41
9 Proposal and CV Writing Course How to write successful proposals and CVs 2 CSIC M41-M44