August 25, 2016

Network-Wide Training Overview

The network-wide activities are organised as 6 meetings and 3 network-wide courses.

M1 refers to the starting month of SOCRATES, which is November 2016.

# Main training events & conferences Contents ECTS Lead Month
1 Workshop 1 Intro and Basic Researcher Tools Team building, introductions to the research 1 CSIC M12
2 Summer school Research Methods User-centred research, and Project mgmt. 1 BGU M18
3 Student Conference SOCRATES2018 All ESRs present their papers 1 UWE M24
4 Workshop 2 Robots for Older Adults State-of-the art, needs and possibilities 1 ORU M30
5 Workshop 3 Safe Robotics How to approach safety in social robotics 1 HAM M36
6 Workshop 4 Business Orientation Training Knowledge transfer, IPR, entrepreneurship 1 FHG M44
# Network-wide courses ECTS Lead Month
7 Student Conference Course Problem formulation, Scientific writing 6 UMU M18-M24
8 Business Plan Writing Course How to write business and exploitation plans 2 UWE M36-M41
9 Proposal and CV Writing Course How to write successful proposals and CVs 2 CSIC M41-M44