August 25, 2016


All ESRs will do at least one academic and one industrial secondment. Each secondment will be at least 1 month long and the sum of all will be at least 4 months. A tentative plans is shown below. Locations and dates will be set to best fit each ESR’s individual needs as part of the regular update of the personal Career Development Plan. The academic secondments are arranged such that the ESR: i) can collaborate with a fellow ESR on a common project, with the goal of producing a common scientific publication to be used in both ESRs’ theses, ii) may perform a necessary task for his or her research, for instance data collection or user studies, iii) is given cross disciplinary training at another type of department, or even academic faculty.

The industrial secondments are arranged such that the ESR i) may practise implementation of research on relevant hardware and/or software platforms, and ii) is given intersectoral training in business related matters. The planned main academic and industrial secondments for each ESR are illustrated in the figure above. As an example, ESR13 will do an academic secondment to BGU and there work together with ESR15. ESR13 will also do an industrial secondment to FHG.