October 21, 2018

Glimpses from the conference

Prof. Wermter gives the introductory talk to the conference.

Alessandra explaining her research during a poster session

Its always nice to help each other. Setting up of the posters during one of the sessions.

A much earned lunch, but not enough.

Researchers discussing designing in robotics.

Dr. Dana Kulic our keynote speaker.

Michele on affordance extraction for robot understanding.

Anouk elaborating on ethics in robotic interaction.

The PhD students discussing and enjoying the hospitality of Madrid.

Neziha elaborates on effects of interactive robots.

Anotenella explores explicit modality for HRI.

Giang presents his modified robot for people with walking difficulty.

Samuel elaborating on his current research on increasing the understanding of robots while dining with us.

Antonio explores robots interacting with people with dementia.

Our coordinators during the conference dinner.

Living Robotic Architecture

Our key-note speaker.

Egor on emotion recognition.

Cagatay elaborates his current research on action recognition.

Alexander on emotion recognition from speech

Senior researchers and key-note speaker Silvia Rossi enjoying some Madrid hospitality.

Poster session at SSR-2018